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After staying over night at Kuantan, we decided to explore this place called Cherating (about 2 third of the journey towards Cukai, some 50 km from Kuantan Town). We took a highway (should be the highway linking Kuantan and Kuala Lumpur) towards Cherating with uncertainties. This "highway" seemed a little too deserted for comfort. Nonetheless, we still head towards it with only guidance from the GPS.

Before reaching our destination, we were utterly shock where a tranquil and scenic of nature being put before our very eyes. This place is so serene that its people seemed to blend well with the enviornment.

We made a couple of stops for pictures before we settled down in a local accomodation.

After we put down our belongings, we soaked in the seaside like we were kids. Enjoyed what the nature had created. We had the sun and sky above us while seawave came splashing on us. In the evening, we had our dinner at the local malay resturant and walked down the beach with a slow paced stroll.

Never did we imagine that it didn't end the journey here as we need to drive all the way back to Singapore within the next day.

Well, I feel that the journey worth the drive.