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Went with my family for a holiday and visiting my in-law's relatives in Xiang Yun Town (翔云镇) located on the outskirt of Nan An City (南安市). After staying 4 days 3 nights there, we continued our journey to Quan Zhou (泉州) - nearer to Xiamen Airport (夏门).

It was close to Spring then and weather is chill and nice. It was about just over 10 degree in the morning to about not more than 18 degree in the afternooon. We had chosen this travelling date mainly due the major event where the townfolks were praying and offer sacrifices to worship their ancesters. Just within a night, some 130 pigs were sacrificed for the prayers the following day. Fireworks illuminated the skies that period while firecrackers is the common protocol for the villages. While this kind of worshipping was practised once a decade, this was 2 years late.
Kettle - in Xiang Yun TownFlasks - in Xiang Yun TownButterfly on vegetable - in Xiang Yun TownPull in - in Xiang Yun TownTop of the hill - in Xiang Yun TownThe temple by the side - in Xiang Yun TownReceptacle - in Xiang Yun TownHome by the hill - in Xiang Yun TownChinese Opera 1 - in Xiang Yun TownFireworks - in Xiang Yun TownLanterns and Joss stick - in Xiang Yun TownMan selling pork via motorbike - in Xiang Yun TownSacrifice - in Xiang Yun TownChildren - in Xiang Yun TownPuppet show - in Xiang Yun TownMisty rain - in Xiang Yun TownMum and child - in Xiang Yun TownOfferrings - in Xiang Yun TownOlden architectural - in Xiang Yun TownWaiting - in Xiang Yun Town